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Aroma Lamp
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Aroma Lamp by Heriette Melchiorsen for Menu at Emmo Home

Design company Menu is now introducing an elegant aroma lamp as part of its wellness range. The aroma lamp has been created by designer Henriette Melchiorsen with Menu’s customary sense of the traditions in Scandinavian Design: simple, beautiful form free of superfluous details. The upper part is a bowl and holder in brushed stainless steel, the lower part a weighted base in glass with a hole for the candle. With both functionality and appearance taken care of, you can begin to enjoy…

The aroma of ethereal oils extracted from plants has been used – both for healing and to create a sense of wellness – for thousands of years. The aroma influences us emotionally, physically and mentally, and the art is to use the oils to enhance wellness and beauty.

In aroma therapy the aroma is typically used to treat problems such as sleeplessness, headache, skin problems, muscle aches and pains, respiratory problems and stress – although everyone can make their day more pleasant with a beautiful aroma to your liking. The method is quite simple: fill the bowl of the aroma lamp with water, add 5-10 drops of oil and light the candle. Within a short time your chosen aroma will be wafting pleasantly through the room.

Please contact Emmo Home for more information.

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Designer: Heriette Melchiorsen for Menu
Emmo Home
Emmo Home
South Coast Home Furnishings Centre
3321 Hyland Avenue
Suite D
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Contact: Sales Associate
Priced From: $49.95
Lead Time: In Stock
Dimension: 4.33"h x 3.94"w x 5.91"l
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