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Collapsable Funnel
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Collapsable Funnel by Boje Estermann & Norman Copenhagen at A+R Store.

When it comes to the humble funnel, you can't live without it--and you generally can't store it without some awkwardness. Designer Boje Eastermann solves this vexing moment in the kitchen by creating a funnel that collapses flat like a pancake. He and the materials engineers at Normann Copenhagen developed a rubber that is flexible enough to withstand repeated folding and durable enough to maintain its shape and withstand temperature extremes. This space-saver is perfect for the kitchen and garage. We gifted Rose's car mechanic uncle one to use with motor oil and he couldn't get enough of the clever design.

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Designer: Boje Estermann & Norman Copenhagen
A+R Store
Contact: Sales Associate
Priced From: $25.00
Lead Time: In Stock
Dimension: 4.8" x 6.5"
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