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Day Time & Night Time
Night Time
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Day Time and Night Time by Julie West at Viesso

With this wallpaper, you choose the custom size you want and the design will be scaled to fit.  It will come in self adhesive strips that overlap to make a seamless, large scale mural. This mural comes in two colorways, Day Time and Night Time.

Julie West started out as a traditional media artist - using primarily acrylic, gouache, and technical pens. After spending a few years working as a print and web designer, various computer and design related elements began to surface in her work. Now her work is created with traditional means about half of the time - the rest being digital or a combination of the two. Her work relies heavily on people and environments. Often quirky, bizarre, or ironic, Julie looks heavily at the way people live and define themselves, as well as the environments which they create for themselves. Studying these details, often reveals the unique moments that make us human.

Please contact Viesso for more information.

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Designer: Julie West
Priced From: Contact Showroom for Pricing
Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks
Dimension: Custom
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